Rainy Days: Advice for Visiting in Hurricane Season

MiceChat has published its advice for visiting Disney World in the rain and thought I’d take the opportunity to emphasise some of its points and suggest my own top-tips for visiting Orlando during the rainy months of June-September. 

Orlando’s wettest month is June, receiving up to 8 inches of precipitation (monthly average) and average temperatures exceeding 80F – meaning it is very humid! Thus, as my previous post on footwear suggests – perhaps leave your trainers/sneakers at home and consider some more water durable options (maybe even Crocs if you have to – eurgh!).

Fashionable they are not; but they will keep you dry!

MiceChat’s first tip is to buy your water ponchos before you hit the parks – stop off at Wal-Mart and you can buy them for less than a dollar, as opposed to over $8 when inside the parks. For those of you staying in WDW or Universal Orlando Resort without a car and still wish to purchase a poncho, I would suggest buying them at the start of your day or trip – when it is not raining. As soon as rain falls, people will flock into the stores, creating long lines and also a chance that they might run out of stock. This happened often during my times working at the Emporium on Main Street U.S.A., as demand is so high it can overwhelm the people’s whose job it is to stock them.

If you purchase a poncho at Disney or Universal and find it to be faulty or not last long at all – you can take them back to any store to exchange it for another one. I would assume the process is the same at Sea World. So make sure you hold onto your receipts.

The article also suggests to use plastic bags to protect your valuables and belongings. However, as you are enjoying your holiday/vacation – or trying to keep track of your party or follow a military-style itinerary – you might forget such planning tips. Never fear! When at Disney, go into a store and ask for a water proof bag at the registers. These are see-through, water-proof bags and free to guests.

The article also suggests to purchase a mini-fan outside the park, to keep your party cool when the humidity is at its highest. I’d also like to suggest going to Wal-Mart, buying bottles of water and freezing them the night before. That way, you can stay hydrated all day for a fraction of the price that the parks will charge you for bottled water. Similarly, if you can drink water without the fancy bottle, quick-service restaurants will give you a cup of water absolutely free. By far the best way to stay hydrated is to keep drinking, and if that isn’t keeping you cool, then perhaps invest in one of those fans (the quality of them is shockingly poor and rarely last the duration of your trip).

Most thunderstorms in the summer occur somewhere between 3-4pm. Why not aim to have an early dinner everyday? This would also mean shorter waiting times for a table and even better – shorter (albeit not greatly reduced) waiting times during the evenings when all those regular uninformed folk are dining. Alternatively, if you have young children, perhaps head back to your hotel for a quick nap or an afternoon swim (in the rain! How refreshing.)

DSCN0165-002Finally, if you have a somewhat flexibile itinerary, if one day is forecasted to be rainy all day (particularly when tropical storms are passing by), maybe choose this day to visit Orlando’s malls or shopping outlets. On the flipside, rainy days (not accounting for thunderstorms) are great days to visit Orlando’s water parks, as generally there will be much smaller wait times. Similarly, the rain will deter many people from leaving the theme parks and if you can bare it, you should consider taking advantage of the less populous parks. MiceChat suggests the best ‘rainy’ park to visit is EPCOT, because of its plethora of indoor attractions. However, I personally feel EPCOT is best enjoyed in the sunshine, taking a pleasant stroll around World Showcase. Therefore I wouldn’t advise doing EPCOT on a rainy day unless it isn’t your only visit to the park or it is the only day available in your itinerary.

So that’s just about all of my suggestions! Do you have any further to add? Leave them in the comments below.

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