SeaWorld’s Troubles Continued…

The Orlando Sentinel published an article that suggests SeaWorld are looking at utilising ‘Dynamic Pricing’, which would see admission prices rise during peak times and reward those that buy their tickets in advance.

The article says that a top Orlando executive said that it would be a ‘big opportunity’ for the park:

SeaWorld does use some limited dynamic pricing, at its boutique park Discovery Cove in Orlando, where attendance is capped at about 1,000 visitors a day. But the company would like to do more, SeaWorld Chief Financial Officer Jim Heaney said during a conference last month.

Moreover, the article goes on to say that Heaney believes consumers will be – and already are – accepting of dynamic pricing models. In my opinion, they are not at all. Whilst in some industries like air travel, consumers are used to peak fares during busy periods as it has been happening for years. Consumers will also receive the same experience each time they fly, even if they have pay peak or off-peak prices. Whereas for peak times in theme parks, peak periods significantly impact the experience consumers will receive. In effect, visitors will be paying more to experience fewer attractions and I believe this will have a huge impact guest satisfaction levels.

More on SeaWorld’s troubles as they develop. Post your comments in the section below!


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